April 1, 2012


Grass Widow in the hail

Sure enough, the weather has been playing tricks on us again. On this April Fools Day, we've had a bit of everything: sunshine, light rain, hail, snow, blustery winds and peaceful calms. It must be spring!

The Grass Widows are braving the cool spring ground to bring their splash of purple and yellow to the palette of greens and browns and deep reds of the forest floor. The sheep are now able to graze on the fresh grasses, finally freed from the snow burden of winter. The ducks are enjoying the ponds filled with late March rain. The Daffodils are just about to bloom.

For me, spring is the season of possibilities and growth. Like the bud that holds all the genetic material to create an entire tree grafted onto a rootstock, Spring holds unfathomable potential in its roots and buds, seedlings and birthings. It makes me feel foolish, at times, to be so hopeful.