July 9th, 2012


Golden brown wheat beer.

Over the past, a friend of Windward named Pat has been helping me learn to brew beer, and answering my questions about fermentation as it applies generally to preserving various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The process of fermenting and brewing beer is a subtle art, and it can take a lifetime to master the various flavours that are common to commercial and home brewing. I won't be sharing the process in detail, because the process that I underwent is not necessarrily super relevant to what we are trying to do here at Windward. I will write more when I get more experience with the process.

Pat and I made a batch of Heffeweizen beer. A partially-filtered, wheat-based summer beer that seems reasonably appropriate to our situation given our ready access to locally grown wheat.

My first impression of the process of beer making:

Sanitation solution being poured into the airlock for the secondary fermentation.