April 2nd, 2012


Dora gave birth to 4 kids in the early morning hours of April 2nd. I found her at around 6:30 AM with kids already cleaned and nursing.

One of the kids was still-born. The other three are females. Yet again we have a multitude of coat patterns and colors. No names have been chosen yet.

Dora is a capable mother. She has done just about everything right.

This youngster was up and about more than anyone when I arrived. What a cutie. She's the lightest in color.

This little lady was having some problems standing up. I made sure that she got colostrum by using helping her nurse, and later in the day feeding her with a syringe. On the second morning she was good to go, and looking eagarly for mama's teat.

Dora nuzzled, licks and smelled her kids. She is obviously well bonded to them. It is comforting to know they are in good company.

While all this was going on, Lindsay was trying to get Becca on the stand to milk. She was being obstinate. The sheep came around to check things out. Clever Luna knows what's up. She went straight for the grain in the milk stand. Notice how Becca is upset and the hair on her neck is standing on end. Luna and Becca are the Alpha females of the sheep and goat herds.

You can't write this stuff. It was very funny having a huge gang of animals hanging around to check out the new additions to the family.

Intern Jeff helped out with feeding the kids Dora's colostrum. And also with reining in sprinkles, Becca's rambunctous daughter.

Becca knows what's going on. Here she let's me know how smart she is. I said to her, "do you like the kids" she turned around and smiled.

All and all, it was a good day. And I am glad Dora has proven to be an able mother.