Notes from Windward: #70


Snow in November

Opalyn tells of the early arrival of winter

     Night time temperatures have been falling below freezing and yesterday morning we had a hard frost. I'd checked the weather this morning so I was a bit disbelieving when Eliot said that it might snow today.

     I finished my chores and went to work on installing drywall and was surprised when I looked out the window to find snowy rain falling. By lunch I had to clear off the porch to prevent the buildup of compacted snow and ice. I apologized to Eliot for my earlier disbelief and we had a nice conversation about unique weather events at Windward. Walt mentioned that the second week of November is a unique weather time and has even seen temps in the single digits at this time of year.

a surprise snowfall

     With nearly three inches of snow on the ground and our greenhouses it was time to break out the snow removal equipment and clear the snow off Chick-Plex, Duck Palace, and Vermidise as well as make sure all our critters have sufficient cover.

Chick Plex covered in snow

Chick Plex with the lights shinning
through an accumulating layer of snow

     Carina's Snow Squeegee was quickly located and two garden rakes were gathered to facilitate snow removal. The Snow Squeegee was very useful to remove most of the snow from our hoop structures however the handle is not long enough to reach the peak. So while Steve and Ethan were outside squeegeeing the snow off, Eliot and I headed inside to cover the garden rakes to protect the plastic roof from the rake tines.

Steve clearing snow from the Duck
Palace with the snow squeegee

     Eliot, Ruben, and I took turns gently bouncing the snow off the peak and helping it slide down off the peak. With five of us working clearing the snow went quickly and we were soon headed back inside for a hot cup and a book by the fire.

Ethan tries his hand

Vermidise ready for the next weather event

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