Notes from Windward: #69


Duck Condos

moving our ducklings
to more spacious quarters


     When I returned from two fun weeks at the Washington Renaissance and Fantasy Faire , I found that our latest batch of ducklings had outgrown the Battery Brooder. I headed over to our worn out tire section and with a bit of help moved a large equipment tire into the shaded enclosure where our rabbits spend their summer.

      I filled the well of the tire with water to give the ducks something to splash around in, and with the addition of a feed tray, a waterer and a heat lamp, the ducklings were ready to move in.

the ducklings check out their new condo

     As I watched them over the next couple of days I realized that the water to dry land ratio was too large since the ducklings seemed to always be wet. Even for a duck, there can be too much of a good thing.

the too-wet ducklings

     I decided to raise one end of the tire so the pond area would be smaller. This worked for a couple of days until the ducks fouled the water - then it was a stinky task to drain and rinse the pond. Unpleasant tasks quickly become a burden, so we needed to find a better way to go.

     While running errands in Goldendale, I discovered some large equipment tires we could bring home and re-purpose. Walt and Sarah were heading into town the next day so they took the flat trailer and brought back my find.

the huge tire with the side-wall cut away

     We used a chainsaw to cut most of the sidewall out of the tire. That way, when it's turned upside down, the floor space will be larger. For water, the ducklings would get a short bucket to play in, one that would be easier to clean.

     I'm pleased to report that the ducks are enjoying their new space and growing quickly. Soon, another clutch of ducklings will be ready to join the main flock.

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