Notes from Windward: #69


Protecting Katie's Trees

moving sprouts into Vermadise


a baby black walnut tree

     Last fall Katie planted black walnut and chestnut seeds behind Vermidise to compare stratification outside versus stratifying seeds in the more controlled environment of the refrigerator.

potted black walnut sprouts

     Both methods worked and earlier this summer I visited the outside site and noticed several saplings coming up through the chicken wire that was protecting them from the squirrels. The saplings were getting tall enough to get nibbled on by the deer so I decided to spend the morning moving them into quart containers then into Vermidise.

a baby chestnut tree

     The seedling beds were labeled last fall but with the rain and snow we had last winter the labels are gone. We could tell the difference between the Black Walnut saplings and the Chestnut saplings but we had planted two types of Chestnut: Colossal and Spanish. Hopefully as the trees grow we will be able to distinguish the two types but for now I hope we do a better job of recording the data for future use.

potted chestnuts sprouts

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