Notes from Windward: #69


Remodeling the Herb Garden

Making sure the plants keep the water we give them

     Last year Monica and Annie did a beautiful job of reorganizing the herb garden and making a Spiral. However, over the year we noticed that water was running down the mounds instead of absorbing into the plant roots. Since the summers here are so hot and dry, water management is crucial to plant survival. Therefore it is prudent to send as much water as possible directly to the roots.

     So we inverted the Spiral. The walking path is now elevated and the herbs will grow in the ditch. This way the water will not flow down the mounds and out of reach of the roots, but instead stay in the ditch so the plants can soak it up.


     We used the same principle for the other elevated beds, digging them out and putting organic matter into the holes. We also reinforced the terraced areas and added compost.


     We moved the birdbath into the corner of flowers, so that it wouldn't rest in a dirt bed. All we need now are the herbs and other plants. The seedlings are growing in the kitchen, but it's still too cold outside to trasplant them.


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