Notes from Windward: #68


Letter to a Deer

Oana writes ...

Oh dear, Deer.

     Why have you been haunting our hay barn?

     Why have you been munching the hay which we have saved for the sheep?

     We know you're hungry; it's cold in the forest, and all the little shoots of grass, the leaves, the acorns, and whatever else you like to eat have been bundled up in blankets of ice. We know you wish to dine in a covered hay-haven. But we have saved this food for the pregnant sheep and goats, hoping it'll last the winter and into spring.

     So we have barricaded our fortress with orange mesh. You have broken in and out, somehow. We have patched up the holes and put away the loose hay you have pulled from the ruffled hay bales. And you have done it again, in and out, somehow. We have patched up the holes again, and dug out the snow from beneath, so that it would be harder for you to break in.

Orange mesh surrounds the Hay Barn

      Perhaps you will break in again, and you will have your feast, and you will last through this vicious winter. I cannot be angry at you. My attempts at shutting you out of the hay barn are necessary but half-hearted.

     Dear Deer, I wish you to live.

     -- Oana

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