Notes from Windward: #69


Glorious Mt. Adams


     October 8, 2009

Glorious Mt Adams

     Frequent readers of the Notes probably know that Windward is located on the high plateau that slopes to the south off of Mt Adams--a volcanic peak that rises more than 12,200 feet above sea level--the second highest peak in the state of Washington.

Mt. Adams through the firs

     Sadly, because of the local geography, we cannot see the mountain from home even though we are about 30 miles from it's peak as the crow flies. It is strange that something so large, so close and so important is simply out of view--it is Mt Adams that often contributes to our weather patterns, it is on Mt Adams where the Klickitat River initiates, it is Mt Adams and the volcanic arc of the Cascades that have created our bedrock and soils.

Mt. Adams from Mt. Ranier

     This summer my "Away Job" provided me with the opportunity to spend many hours contemplating and staring at Mt Adams from many different perspectives. It is an inspiring peak, in its own way, just like each of the other peaks that surrounds us--Mt Hood to the south, Mt St Helens to the west, Mt Rainier to the north.

Mt. Adams from Trout Lake

     And I wanted to share some of its glory as it may be able to inspire some thoughts and revelations for others too. So here are some pictures of the many faces of the mountain.

Mt. Adams at sunset
viewed from Takalak Lake

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