Notes from Windward: #67


And then there were Two

Noel get a brooder mate for company

     We'd about given up on any more of the eggs hatching out, but Gina came into the kitchen todays bubbling over with the news that the warmerator had produced another live chick. Considering that we've got almost two feet of snow on the ground, Jan is another miracle baby.

     We had been concerned first about how Noel--a flock creature--would respond to growing up alone, and at two weeks old he's well on his way sporting the first of his baby feathers. Little Jan is not much more than a small lump of yellow fuzz with a beak, and when I went in to check to see how they were getting along, they were stilling about six inches apart facing each other looking quite puzzled.

     Still, it's comforting to pass by Prop House and hear a chorus of peeps coming from the brooder. I have to believe that the interaction will do wonders for their growth and eventually ability to integrate with the flock once they're big enough. On the other hand, we may decide to keep them separate to see which genders they are, and if we have a breeding pair, to use them to add some remarkable out-of-season breeding capacity to the flock.

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