Notes from Windward: #67


First Real Snow

winter arrives for real

     We usually get our first serious snow around the first of December, and this year the snow was a few days early--but more than that, our first snow has brought us more snow than fell all last winter...and it's still falling.


     We're currently under a winter storm warning so there's no telling what sort of situation we'll be dealing with in the coming days; we could get a couple more feet of snow, or warm rains could wash this all away--we've seen both outcomes before.

     In case there's more snow coming, we take time to out of our morning walk to shovel the snow away from the mailbox since they won't deliver if the driver can't get to the mailbox without having to get out of the car. It's easy enough to move when it's freshly plowed, but if allowed to freeze it can turn into a wall of ice that would be much harder to deal with. Like many other aspects of sustainability, the key is knowing the most effective timing, and then following through.


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