Notes from Windward: #67


Supporting the Freezer Trailer

creating under-space for the fish tanks

  November 12:

     The 24' long freezer trailer will need a foundation, so we're going with an earth-sheltered design that will lift the trailer a few feet in the air, and also create a 6' tall "basement" to hold 3,000 gallons worth of polyethylene tanks for growing tilapia. Here's a sketch that will give an idea of what we have in mind.


     We're going with a retaining wall design that incorporates six pillars: four along the north side and one each at the southern corners. The pillar design we use involves pouring a 2'x2' pad, and as the cement starts to set, we install two cinder blocks and settle them into the cement thereby ensuring a solid foundation for our pillar.


      Once that's set, more rebar is added and then alternating cinder blocks are stacked to form up the collumn. The blocks are then filled with cement to create a collumn that will be able to both support the trailer, and anchor the earth-sheltered retaining wall.

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