Notes from Windward: #67


A Few More Guidelines

another way to look at how Windward works

     Karen, part of our Portland "Away Team," send along a list of Guidelines that help explain what people journeying to windward need to be...

1) Willing to establish but not be beholden to the
establishment. This is not a club for anarchists.

2) Willing to challenge assumptions without berating those that
still buy into them.

3) Willing to boldly go where no man or woman or person or parent or
family or democracy or society has yet to go and see what
happens. If it works, keep practicing it; if it doesn't, revise it,
and if it still doesn't, chuck it and start fresh.

4) Be ethical about all affairs - business and personal.

5) Sing, dance and be merry before during and after the work is done
'cause life is both too short and too long to do otherwise.

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