Notes from Windward: #67


Laying in Some Wheat

stocking up while there's still some left

     Klickitat county annually produces more than a million bushels of wheat, so we were dismayed earlier this year to go by the grain elevator and find them completely out of wheat, something which we had never encountered before. And so, we've been following the situation with this year's crop closely, and given recent developments, we decided to stock up.


     As is our usual practice, any trip is a chance to accomplish more than one goal, and today was no exception as Lindsay enlisted Matt in her fruit gathering expeditions. With another twenty gallons of plumbs gathered, the dehydrators will keep humming for some time to come--which is nice for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the marvelous smell that wafts from the kitchen these days.


     After running some errands, we went by the elevator with two of the heavy-duty IBCs to pick up a ton of grain. It turned out that our timing was good since the Goldendale elevator was already half empty, and the Centerville elevator was completely empty.


     We had the elevator download a thousand pounds of wheat into each of the 300 gallon capacity IBCs, and headed home--stopping along the way to pick another ten gallons of pears and another twenty gallons of apples.


     The loaded IBCs weighed 1,300 pounds each, so unloading them into one of the shipping containers proved a good opportunity to demonstrate the power of coordinated rope work as we slid them off the trailer and into the container. We've got lots more to do before winter, but there was a real sense of satisfaction when we closed the container doors on that ton of wheat.


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