Notes from Windward: #67


Tackling the Garage

Becca sorts things out

     As readers of these Notes know, we've usually got at least a half-dozen projects going on at any one time, and at the best of times the assortment of parts, tools and materials verges on the chaotic. Over the years, our collection of spare parts, hardware and such has grown considerably--all too often, we'll know that we have a particular tool or fitting, but not be able to readily lay our hands on it.

     For the most part, we focus the intern's work on advancing our various research projects, but Becca decided on her own to tackle the substantial task of sorting through the garage's boxes and piles in an effort to create a bit of order.


     For more than a week, Becca spent hours sorting through boxes, bins and buckets in a valiant effort to bring a degree of order to the garage--after all, it's not much help to have a necessary part if you can't find it when you need it. We've even come up with the phrase "deep storage" for when we know that we have something on site, but no clue as to where on our 131 acres it might actually be.


     Becca's effort went a long way towards the goal of bringing some order to our inventory, and she deserves a special mention for her willingness to take on the task with such energy and perseverance.

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