Notes from Windward: #67


Time Shifting

a key to making this lifestyle fun

     It's fair to say that if what you're doing isn't fun, it's not all that sustainable. One of the ways that we're able to enjoy this lifestyle involves time-shifting. For example, because we don't work 9 to 5 jobs, when there's a movie out that just begs to be seen on the wide screen, we can take in a matinee showing. There's rarely much of a crowd at an afternoon matinee, with the result that you get to enjoy a better experience at less cost.

     Another example of time shifting involves our ability to take advantage of some of the remarkable recreational opportunities that the Columbia River Gorge area has to offer. An excellent example of that involves spring skiing at Timberline Lodge on the south slope of Mt. Hood.


     The pic above was taken the first week in May, and as you can see, the lodge was enjoying a snow storm that was adding to a base of 140" of packed snow at the lodge. For the months of April and May, Timberline offers excellent skiing for everyone from the beginner on up to Olympic level runs--indeed, this is were many Olympic level skiers come to train from June through August.


     For $139 you can ski all their runs six hours a day for two months. And if you and a friend want to go up on Tuesdays, it's just $18 a person. As you can see from the above pic, it's almost like having your own private ski resort--lots of good terrain and no lift lines.

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