Notes from Windward: #67


Prepping for the Next Yurt

getting Riverside ready to roll

  March 28:

     This summer we'll be building another intern yurt, only this time the focus will be on utilizing rammed earth construction to give it a thermally massive exterior that will even out the fluctuations between day and night time temps.


     For years we've used small trailers and RVs to provide temporary housing, and starting last year we were delighted to have gotten to the point in our growth where we can start replacing them with sustainable structures. For now, the next step on that path involves getting the RV back onto its wheels so that it can be disposed of.


     Mounting up the two front wheels was straight-forward enough, but getting the RV jacked up enough to mount the rear wheels won't be as easy. Oh well, another task for another day.

  August 25:

     During the summer just past, we've focused our work on the aquaponic systems and the propagation greenhouse, and lots of progress was made, but now that the first of the fall interns has arrived, it's time to shift our attention over to the projects we'll be focusing on this fall.


     During our start-up years we relied on old trailers and RVs to provide private quarters as we focused our cash flow on building necessary community structures such as the dining hall. Last year we retired the first of those old campers to clear space to build "Acorn," our first winter-ready intern cabin. This year, we're moving another out in order to clear the site for "Octangle," our second winter-ready intern cabin.

     Getting the old RV safely down the hill was tricky, and Kai did a fine job of steering the old rig through some tight spaces as the work truck hauled it up to our dismantling area.

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