Notes from Windward: #67


Vermadise Miscellania

     There are two sets of limits that we're continuously exploring; the first has to do with what conditions will provide for maximum production, and the second involves what limits are there to our ability to produce at all. For example, one of the concept criteria for Vermadise is that it does not receive any additional heat during the winter months, and one of things we wanted to learn last winter was how the cold affected the various systems we're weaving together there.

the red worms are starting to become active again

     While we were in Vermadise working on the chicken run, we took a minute to spade over some of the worm beds to see how the red worms were doing now that day time temps inside Vermadise are in the 50's. We were pleased to find an active population of worms of all sizes.

the kale starts growing again

     We were also pleased to note that the kale and lettuce planted in the grow tubes survived the cold and were responding to the warm weather by getting their spring growth underway. This summer we'll continue to work on sealing things up so that next winter, given the resident populations of rabbits and chickens, Vermadise should stay warmer next winter than it was this past. Now that we know how the kale and lettuce respond in a worse-case situation, we'll be looking to see if we can get them to grow instead of simply survive.

having to double up on the water bottles

     Between a lactating mother rabbit and six thirsty bunnies, the standard water bottles just weren't providing a day's supply of water. By checking around, we found some nifty rabbit water nozzles that fit onto 2 liter soda pop bottles. Now, there's plenty for everyone to drink as much as they want.

2 liter water bottles for the rabbits

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