Notes from Windward: #67


Cross-country Skiing

seizing the moment

  February 24:

     Snow-wise, this has been the winter that wasn't. With mid-February afternoon temps in the mid-60s, it was hard to remember that winter wasn't over. The urge to start messing around in the gardens was getting strong.

     However, Friday it started snowing before sundown, and by morning we had another six inches of fresh snow to play with. With the temperature barely below freezing, the snow was going to get sticky quickly so it was time to grab the cross-country skis and take advantage of what will probably be our last opportunity of the season.

a late February snowfall

     The last time the pasture was a field of ice, but this morning it was easy gliding.

a view back across the pasture to the fighting fortress

     Part of our morning hike is along the country road that runs south of Windward, but today the snow made it more fun to cut along our southern boundary.

our southern boundary forms a beautiful, snowy corridor

     As the morning grew late, the snow got warm enough to start sticking to the skis, but by then it was time to head to the kitchen for a lunch of pizza and hot soup. With any luck, the snow will linger long enough to allow for more skiing, but if not then at least there was today to enjoy and remember.

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