Notes from Windward: #67


Prepping for the Intern Fairs

adding to our display

  January 29:

     Todd and I (Walt, your faithful blogger) attended our first Internship Fair of the season last week; we're using a really nice three part display that the '06 Interns created, but watching folks' reaction to it (there's a lot there to look at), Todd decided that it would help to put a title over the display so that the context could be grasped quicker since you only have a moment to get the attention of people passing by the display.


     Todd did up the art work for the header and made a quick trip into The Dalles to have it printed up. Tomorrow, we'll get it mounted on poster board and ready to mount over the top of the existing display for the next fair. Always something to tweak :-)

  February 1:

     The new display header made its debut at Evergreen College yesterday, and it was especially nice since each group only had four feet of table space to set up in. We had to mount the display on two card tables behind us, and having the title across top enabled people walking by to get the concept quickly from a distance.

Walt staffing our display booth at Evergreen College

     There were over a hundred booths there representing all sorts of non-profit organizations, so it was case in which it was especially important to communicate effectively.

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