Notes from Windward: #67


Adding a Bath/Shower Room

the kitchen gets a major upgrade

  January 28:

     Now that the granite slab has its new home on the dolly, the space is clear to begin work on the new shower and bathroom in earnest. Although we have a number of other places where we can shower such as the summer shower and in some of the residences, this will be where interns and visitors can come to clean up.

     There's actually a good deal of work already in place for this project since it's the primary reason for installing a separate "grey water" system for the dining hall with a drain field that's twice the size of the drain field for the dining hall's "black water" system, and a propane-fired on-demand water heater so that people can any number of people can take showers one after another without running out of hot water.

Todd installing more supports to screw the drywall to

     The first step was to add more cross-bracing to the wall so that there was plenty of wood to screw the drywall to. It involved a lot of cutting to fit, but this way we won't have to worry about the joint cracking later on.

     In order to install the additional bracing, the insulation had to be peeled back, and then stapled back into place.

Barbara stapling the insulation back into place

  June 27:

     With the coming of spring, work on inside projects got delayed as we worked on getting outside projects like the new chicken run/roost built. With the garden work at a lull, we're able to get back to working on inside projects such as the kitchen's new bathroom/shower.

Becca looks on as Kai and Alison install green board

     Part of the bathroom is getting sheathed in green board, a type of sheetrock used in moist areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, and backer board which provides a foundation for the tile that will line the shower area. There won't be a shower stall per se but rather there'll be a large, sloping area surrounded by a curtain so that the shower will be accessible to someone in a wheel chair.

backer board on the left, green rock on the right

  July 1:

Kai writes

     The past 3 days I have been hard at work getting the new bathroom online. With the help of Alison Hanging the drywall was no challenge! A few cuts here and there and a bit of cursing when we encountered a not so straight wall were the highlight of a days work but we did have fun.

A "before" shot

An "after" shot

  July 3:

Kai writes

     Minor set back!

     This drainage pipe is getting in the way of dry walling!


     First I shortened the pipe and cut an access panel for easy de-clogging. I also cut the hole that the pipe from the adjacent room will come through.


     Then I began work on the solution to our pipe problem, an enclosure/shelf to (1) hide the pipe, and (2) store soap and shampoo. It will be backer boarded and tiled just like the rest of the shower area.


  July 19:

Kai writes

     Dry wall almost done!

     The past week I have been helping on other projects like the procreation greenhouse and the barrel phonics. The barrel phonics is up and running and the greenhouse is not far behind either but my bathroom project was put on hold for a while.


     I did have time to do some spackling and sanding here and there but now it's time to get down to business. Hopefully by tomorrow all the sanding will be completed and the room ready for a primer coating and paint. After that I'll begin work on the cabinet for the sink and the medicine cabinet.

     Toilet and sink will be the first things up and running since the old restroom needs to be disconnected from the septic tank. The sewage line runs directly underneath a trailer which needs to be moved in order to make way for a 40' long walk-in cooler/freezer unit we'll be making out of an insulated shipping container.

      Yes guys and gals lots of interesting work up ahead so stay tuned for more!

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