Notes from Windward: #67


Upgrading the Main Computer

taking advantage of the cold

     Our website is actually maintained on a server in Texas, so if our main computer here at Windward Central were to crash we wouldn't lose the ten years of the Notes we've got on-line by now, but there would be plenty of inconvenience as the crash would cost us everything we'd done since our last back-up. That's happened enough times in our history that we're pro-active both on doing regular backups and updating the equipment prior to failure.

     That said, the root drive on our main computer was more than four years old--which is actually a year longer than we like to go, but we've been busy this past year ;-)--so this current passage of cold weather seemed like a good time to shut down and make the switch over to a new root drive.

     Thanks to Scott, a key member of Windward's "Away Team," we now have a new root drive up and running. It'll be a few days before we have all our software re-installed, but at least we're back on-line with email and the Notes.

     Also thanks to Jacque and Scott for coming up with an industrial grade HP laser printer for the kitchen. It's huge, and will do up to 11x17 inch prints, something which will be handy for a variety of uses as we work on designing the various projects we're dreaming up for the coming year.

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