Notes from Windward: #67


Bernie, the Peanut Loving Parrot

one of the joys of visit our favorite hardware store

Nikki writes:

     At Red’s Trading Post in The Dalles, there is a parrot sitting on top of his cage in the room behind the register. His name is Bernie, the "African Grey Parrot." When some one asks if he wants a peanut, he’ll nod his head "Yes," just like a human. He will then take the peanut out of your hand and proceed to take small, dainty bites from it while holding it in his claws. After he is done with it, he will happily accept another treat from you. Although he absolutely refused to take some cat food, he loved the strawberries we offered. He wouldn’t actually eat them, just chew a bit to get the taste, drop the resulting pulp and then take another bite.

Alison feeding a peanut to Bernie

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