Notes from Windward: #67


Garlic and Corn

planting and harvesting continue

     We woke up yesterday morning to find a light dusting of frost covering the ground. We used this as an indication that it was time to plant garlic and gather corn seed. We sorted through the garlic which we harvested in mid-summer to find the largest cloves, as those are the ones that we want to sow for next seasonís harvest. The remainder will be used in the kitchen for cooking. We filled two of the large equipment tires with cloves and then covered the newly planted soil with hay mulch to prevent heaving during the winter.


     We are also attempting to save seed from the Oaxacan corn that we planted for the first time this season. We have allowed a few cobs to mature fully and the seeds to dry out. The seeds are still not dry enough for storage, yet we donít want to risk having overnight frosts damage them, so we picked the cobs and they are now drying inside. The sheep will soon enjoy the corn stalks.

fall greens coming along

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