Notes from Windward: #67


September Garden Notes

  September 13:

Lindsay writes:

     Early September can be a time of abundance and transition. The days are warm, temperatures reaching up into the 80s. But the nights are cool, with temperatures dropping down into the high 40s. Soon the mid-day temperatures will drop as well, reducing the productivity of plants like tomatoes, but creating optimal growing conditions for crops such as spinach and kale. So, we are both enjoying the abundance that the warm days create, but preparing for the soon-to-come cooler weather.

     The tomato plants that survived the heat wave earlier this summer are producing a steady crop of delicious, juicy tomatoes. The peppers and apples are also beginning to ripen.



     In the raised garden beds, I have planted a round of kale and spinach beds each week starting the last week in august, so that as the plants mature, we can have a continuous supply available for harvesting. The radishes also are also doing well, and as a fast-maturing plant, they should be ready for eating in a few short weeks. The peas, which I planted in late August, are doing great, and I am hopeful that they will continue to grow vigorously before the first frost.


     In Vermadise, I recently transplanted salad greens into the hanging grow tubes and started some more seeds, to be transplanted in about a week.


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