Notes from Windward: #67


Garden Update

Lindsay and Nikki start prepping for winter

     Late August is a good time to get started on prepping for winter since as soon as the first cool bit of weather arrives, the rams will want to start servicing the ewes, something we'd like to delay for at least two months so that we don't have to deal with ewes lambing in the middle of a snow storm. But before we can pull the rams from the flock, we have to close off the lower part of the main garden, where the sheep spend the winter, from the upper garden where things are still proceeding as the onions and corn set their seeds, and the tomatoes are coming into their own.

     We like to use galvanized cattle panels for fencing since they last an incredibly long time, and are easy to move around as we reconfigure various areas according to the seasons. A few T-posts, and you can securely close off a remarkable amount of space in a minimum amount of time.


     Once the T-posts are set, a bit of tie-wire and a hundred foot of fence is set.


     Over the next month, the weather will get steadily cooler, so it's time to shift our focus towards more indoor pursuits.

Lindsay writes:

     To maximize growing space in vermadise, there are hanging beds made out of PVC piping that are currently growing salad greens. The plants are growing healthily, supplying fresh greens for daily lunches.


     The next succession of seeds that we planted a few days ago are now germinating and will be ready to be transplanted into the hanging beds in several days.


The worms have been busy turning compost into rich soil. We are now digging out some of the worm bins and transferring the composted material into new containers that will be used to plant winter greens and peas.

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