Notes from Windward: #67


Solar Vent for the Kitchen

Alternate use for a solar roof vent

  July 30:

Kai writes:

     With all the good "ol' home cookin" going on the kitchen has been over heating this summer making it difficult to fully enjoy a meal. I installed a solar powered roof vent that is USUALLY used to ventilate the attic to dispose of excess heat in the summer months.


     The first step was to figure out where to place the 8 inch vent shaft. In order to do that I climbed up in to the crawl space (easier to see all the rafters there). I marked the spot where the hole for the vent shaft would go and drilled a hole in every corner then back down in the kitchen i simply connected the four holes with a marker and used a jig saw to cut out the square hole.


     The second step was to fit all the vent tubing together and cut the same hole on the outside wall where the actual fan will be mounted. Once that was done I wrapped all the joints with some duct tape to seal things off a bit and the hard part was done.


     Since roof vents run continuously I'll have to make a few minor modifications and give the vent a brain… We only want the vent to run when it is actually hot inside and maybe even turn it off when it is not needed, so I separated the solar panel from the vent, and cut the power cable in half so a thermostat can be wired in series to give the vent some intelligence.

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