Notes from Windward: #67


Notes from Gina

the new counter top is just the right heigth for baking cookies

     Vermidise: I usually look through the window in the door to Vermidise before I go in. This morning I saw about a dozen chicks outside their run. They were in the worm beds and on the ground scratching for tidbits. One was racing back and forth across the top of the run peeping and flapping its wings. When I opened the door to come into Vermadise, they quickly ran back into their run like little children afraid of getting caught being where they shouldn't be. Very fun to watch.

one of the "Easter bunnies"

     While feeding the rabbits I stopped for a bit to watch the pile of fur in a nest box move around. The mama delivered the other day and the kits stay under the fur that she puts in the nest box. That's how they stay warm. The kits won't pop out of their fur covering for a few days or more depending on the temp. I leave them alone during this time. No point in freaking out mom.

new-born bunnies cuddled up

     Later I was "talking" with the ducklings. They're well socialized and always come to the front of the brooder to peep at us. I gave them a dish of bathing water. It took all of 30 seconds for them to start splashing and playing in the dish. Very cute!!

ducklings in the brooder

     Plants are growing again in Vermidise. They went dormant over the winter and are growing like crazy now. I'll be harvesting kale soon. I have volunteer baby bok choy and spinach which will be great for a stir fry lunch.

warmer weather gets the spinach going

     Outside Vermidise Spring is here. The wild lilies are blooming, daffodils and several wild flowers. The tulips will be opening soon too.

     The wild birds have come back. They're doing their mating calls and flights. I always enjoy watching them diving for insects or pecking at the trees, whatever, birds are so interesting.

     The fruit trees are budding, the garlic is standing tall, rhubarb is leafing, strawberries are breaking ground. Even the leeks from last yr are growing again--we're hoping to be able to collect seed from them since being able to grow something isn't enough, we have to be able to grow them again and again.

     A great time of year at Windward.

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