Notes from Windward: #67


Strawberry Picking

Becca describes a trip to a U-Pick farm

     Last Sunday the 'turns, Gina and Jacque were unleashed on a field of pick your own strawberries. After getting a quick training less on proper strawberry picking technique we set off picking the juiciest strawberries we could find. Two hours later, with strawberry juice oozing down our hands and our faces tanned from the sun, our crew returned victorious with our spoils, 70 pounds of strawberries!


     The first order of business upon return was to sort out the strawberries between strawberries that would be best eaten and ones that would best for jam. Next the strawberries were hulled, with the hulls made into goat milk smoothies. Surprisingly, even the ones at the bottom of the bucket were delicious with a sweet, just-picked, sun-ripened taste.


     Each group of strawberries was then ushered to a different place for it to stay until it was to be consumed, the deep freezer, the refrigerator, the dehydrator, or the jam pot. Sure enough it wasn't long before the sweet scent of strawberries filled the room and people started preparing various concoctions with the fresh strawberries. Yum!

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