Notes from Windward: #67


Trekking Down Mill Road

Alison describes a hike down to the river and back

      Becca and I got an early start on the day's watering yesterday so that we would have a cool start on our trek to the little Klickitat River. We steadily descended the three and a half miles following the road for most of the way veering off only when a slightly more steep descent promised a bit of off road exploration and a shorter route. Becca found a spear along the first of the detours and a sweet stick with bleached leaf imprints.

      At the bottom of the hill we took a left which took us to the little River, as promised, though the ever extending path lead us to doubt that it would for the last mile or so. When we finally saw the bend in the road we met it with smiles and relief that we had made it to the water. We walked down to the water which was just under a bridge, laid our things down and walked into the cold water. We each lasted a good five seconds or so before pulling out of the river and taking to the sand for some reading, napping and basking in the sun.

Alison and Becca exploring the river

       We gave the river one last go before heading out and we did full body dunks into the cold river and then ran out screaming. While gathering our things a snake slithered out from my bag and slid into a grate three feet away. Ooh exciting. We heard news later that Todd has killed a rattler back on property. Even more exciting!

      The first two mile segment of the return journey following the river went faster than expected. It wasn't until the ascent up Mill road that our calves and my back muscles started to moan. At several locals along our upward journey the road edge became the horizon past which was blue sky and clouds. Sweet. To make the time pass a bit faster, Becca and I started singing our butchered renditions of a Beatles anthology.

      At the very end of the trek just after we had finished our final break for our feets sake, the hopeful cravings started. Becca started the cravings with her ice cream dreams; Fish Food and vanilla, to which I added any ice cream with nuts and chocolate. If we dreamed hard and long enough there WOULD be gallons waiting for us in the fridge when we returned! I dreamed of drinking a cold chocolate stout and relaxing on Walt's couch chilling with Becca while watching a romantic comedy.

      By the time we reached the mail box which lead to the main cabin Becca and I were done. We went as quickly to the cabin as our pained feet would take us. Becca made a detour to grab the cookie dough and I headed straight for the milk and cookies. We brought out the cookies, cookie dough, peanut butter and macaroni and cheese. We pulled out the cards and played a few rounds of James Bond. The trekking delirium slowed down the game a few notches. To top it off the smorgesbort we made stove top pop corn for the first time with melted pads of butter and salt mixed in and headed down to Walt's couch to watch Scent of a Woman. We were dead tired. All in all it was a hot day with a great gal and great dreaming.

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