Notes from Windward: #66

Enhancing Vermadise

Adding workspace to the north side

     The northern end of a greenhouse doesn't receive enough light to justify the loss of heat, so that's a good place to construct work and storage space reservubg greenhouse space for plant growth. Since Vermadise is built on slopin ground, the first thing needed was to construct short retaining walls to retain the slope on the uphill side, and to contain the dirt needed to level the floor on the downhill side.

the lower retaining wall in place

     Vermadise's new workspace is constructed as a mini-pole barn with the 4x4 treated posts anchored into the "L shaped " retaining walls by passing the retaining wall's rebar through holes drilled in the posts.

Virgil levels the concrete in the the lower retaining wall in place


Walt finishes off the mix with the concrete vibrator


Jillian and Jacki pouring the upper retaining wall


the posts and retaining walls in place -- ready for sheathing and a roof


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