Notes from Windward: #66


Exterior Stuff

Expanding our focus a bit

September 1 - starting to landscape the yurt
        September 3 - cutting out the plywood core for the door
        September 4 - more excavating, backfilling and breaking rocks
        September 5 - two more front-buckets and then it's off to deliver 3/4 minus
        September 6 - hauling more dirt and fetching rocks for the retaining wall
        September 7 - the digging proceeds and reveals something unexpected
        September 8 - tearing out the old canning deck
        September 10 - preparing to install the yurt's water tap
        September 11 - cutting the line and installing the freeze-proof faucet
        September 12 - installing carpet in the yurt
        September 14 - doin' other stuff while we're waiting for the tanks
        September 16 - setting the door in place
        September 18 - ripping out the canning deck's foundation
        September 19 - installing a cabinet in the yurt


Detailing the Yurt

Now we get to the really fun stuff

August 22 - Working out the wall texturing options
        August 24 - Still messing around with texturing options, clearing space for
                            edible landscaping and filling the crib
        August 25 - Transporting the porch stone
        August 26 - Applying primer to the walls
        August 27 - Texturing the ceiling, among other things
        August 28 - Priming the yurt's ceiling
        August 29 - Applying the color coat to the yurt's interior
        August 30 - Installing flooring and lights
        August 31 - Installing the front porch slab


Finishing the Yurt's Interior

Lots of attention to detail

July 10 - Using urethane foam to fill in the gaps
        July 16 - Finishing up the task of foaming the gaps
        July 17 - Adding the fiberglass insulation
        July 21 - Applying the fresh sawed siding
        July 27 - Getting ready for the track- hoe
        July 29 - Cutting more siding and adding to the woodshed
        July 30 - Finishing the boards and starting on the battens
        July 31 - Cutting the first half of the battens to length and sealing them
        August 1 - Installing the first half of the battens
        August 2 - The yurt versus The Inconvenient Truth
        August 3 - Finishing the battens and triming the windows
        August 6 - Starting to sheet rock the interior
        August 7 - Sheet rock -- Part II
        August 8 - Sheetrocking around the windows
        August 9 - Starting to insulate and sheetrock the ceiling
        August 10 - Creating a door jam
        August 11 - Putting the lull to good use
        August 14 - Getting started on taping and finishing the walls
        August 15 - Finishing the initial coat on the wall seams
        August 16 - Finishing the initial coat on the ceiling seams
        August 17 - More filling and sanding
        August 18 - Finial touches before texturing, and some work on the fence crib
        August 21 - A bit more sanding, and then off to the cool of the mountain


Finishing the Yurt's Roof

Time to insulate and cover

June 15 - Fitting the foam insulation
        June 17 - Securing the foam insulation
        June 18 - Starting to apply the roofing felt
        June 19 - Finishing the roofing felt

In the meantime

        June 29 - Installing foam in the walls
        July  3 - Installing the first pass of metal roofing
        July  5 - Installing the second pass of metal roofing and skylight flashing
        July  7 - Installing the metal on the dormer over the door


Decking the Yurt's Roof

Angles and angles galore

May 24 - Adding support along the edge
        May 26 - Finishing the edge supports
        May 28 - Decking the middle section of the roof
        May 29 - Adding the upper section of the roof decking flush with the ring
        June 3 - Adding a gutter edge to the ends of ther rathers
        June 4 - Adding the last of the roof decking
        June 6 - Lathing the curved portion of the roof deck
        June 7 - The last of the lathe goes up
        June 9 - Touching up the floor of the yurt


Roofing the Yurt

Creating a curved roof over an open space

May 7 - Laying out the center ring
        May 8 - Building up the ring
        May 10 - Finishing the ring
        May 11 - Bracing the ring in place
        May 12 - Cutting the first set of rafters
        May 13 - Starting to wrap the framing with paneling
        May 14 - Cutting more rafters
        May 15 - Adding the rest of the panneling and a dormer for the entrance
        May 16 - Wrapping the yurt
        May 20 - Installing windows
        May 21 - Bolting the rafters to the ring
        May 22 - Bolting more rafters to the ring
        May 23 - Bolting the last rafters to the ring and checking the roof for strength


Framing the Yurt

Exploring the joys of working with curved walls

April 27 - Drilling holes in the sills for the anchor bolts
        April 28 - Cutting the arches, and raising the first wall section
        April 30 - Adding three long sections and one short
        May 2 - Gluing and securing the footers to the foundation
        May 4 - Cutting the doorway arch
        May 5 - Glue-laming up the round door header
        May 6 - Building the torsion header
        May 7 - Bolting the sections together


Pouring the Yurt's Foundation

Rebar, concrete and lazers -- what fun :-)

April 13 - Setting rebar and lazer leveling
        April 15 - Pouring the base of the footing
        April 16 - Making a curved form
        April 18 - Coating the form
        April 19 - Pouring the first eight feet of riser
        April 20 - Reseting the form and pouring the next six feet of riser
        April 21 - Another six feet and we're up to twenty
        April 22 - Repeat, and we're up to twenty-six feet poured
        April 25 - Next to last pour
        April 26 - Closing the circle


Clearing the Yurt Foundation

Doing some precision excavation

March 28 - Starting to clear the Pad
        March 29 - Most of the clearing is done
        March 30 - Pad clear and level
        March 31 - Starting to dig the foundation trench
        April 02 - Rainy day; planted apricot trees
        April 03 - More rain; worked on wiring the new workshop
        April 08 - Three-quarter's done before the rain sets in again
        April 09 - The completed foundation trench

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