Notes from Windward: #66


Winterizing the Yurt

creating a threshold

  December 28:

     When we built the yurt, we took pains to fully insulate the walls, floor and ceiling, but there was work that still needed to be done to seal up the door. The detail we needed to deal was involved mating up the yurt's curved foundation with the flat door.


creating a stright threshold for a round foundation


     The way we went about solving the problem involved tracing the outline of the foundation, and creating a fill piece out of 3/4" treated plywood.

the steel plate in place


      The next step was to head to the metal shop and fabricate a steel threshold out of six inch wide steel plate, and then mount it in place with counter-sunk screws.

the door now has a threshold that
can be sealed to keep out the winter cold


  December 31:

     This evening as the sun was going down, it was such fun to look up at the yurt and see the windows aglow. Susan has adding some homey touches to the yurt and has created a very cosy nest there.


Susan peaking out from behind the yurt's door


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