Notes from Windward: #66


The Internship Fair

Virgil and Walt take our show on the road

Virgil shows off our presentation board


     I'm really proud of the work that Kerry and Katie did on putting together a presentation for Virgil and I to use at the Non-profit Internship Fair held October 17th at the University of Seattle. It was a really fun adventure as we got to talk with hundreds of young people, and others not so young, who were interested in checking out the options offered by the various non-profit organizations active here in the Pacific Northwest. It's always a charge to be with people who are less interested in a life that makes money than they are in a life that makes sense.

     Here's a close up shot of each of the panels of the display, and if you click on the pics, you'll get a larger pic that you can scroll so that you can check out the individual pictures and text.

the left panel


the middle panel


the right panel


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