Notes from Windward: #66

A trip to Portland

Tristan writes:

      Monday, all the interns and I went into Portland to get Jacki on her train back to Pennsylvania. We decided to take the opportunity to take in some of Portland's sites.

Katie savors a bit of sushi


      Prior to dropping Jacki at the train station, we perused Powell's which is a giant used bookstore in downtown Portland. Books on pretty much any topic (especially sustainable living) can be found at Powell's. Jacki picked up a good book for her long train ride east.

Tristan goes a bit heavy on the wasabe


      Once Jacki was aboard her train we all headed to the eastside of Portland and checked out the Rebuilding Center which is a building supply store selling entirely reclaimed materials. It was amazing to see the wide range of used building materials that are available, ranging from doors and windows to plumbing and light fixtures. Additionally, the main entrance to the center was an elaborate cob structure that served to inspire us interns to learn more about this building technique.

Virgil looking over reclaimed plumbing


      After leaving the Rebuilding Center, we made one last stop in Troutdale at the McMenamin's Edgefield which is an old work farm converted into a movie theater, pub, hotel, gardens, golf course, brewery, music venue, etc. We took our time exploring the grounds and listening to some nice acoustic music. It was refreshing to see cool old buildings being restored and used rather than torn down and turned into urban sprawl.

      Once we had our fill of the bustling urban scene, we headed back up the gorge to the peace and quiet of Klickitat County. Variety is the spice of life and these brief trips into the city, I believe, make for a complete Windward experience.

a garden path at the Edgefield


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