Notes from Windward: #66

Sarah's Update for May 25

      First, I would like to thank Jacki for writing such a wonderful and thorough post and I only hope to add a few more details.
Sarah gives scale to a slash pile


      Yesterday Jacki, Walt, and I went up the road where there is currently logging taking place to go look at the large pile of slash left by the loggers. We were all impressed by the size of the pile and I gained an even greater appreciation for its size once I climbed to the top of one of the piles. These piles of slash are simply burned and therefore wasted. I am excited that one of our projects here at Windward is to convert this wood into methanol that can be used in our cars and thus decrease our dependence on foreign oil and slow the pace of global warming. Walt explained the chemistry behind the production of methanol to me the other day and it is an exciting process. (I will refrain from trying to explain the process so that I do not explain it wrong) Walt's chemistry background became very apparent as he explained it to me, and I am confident it will end up a successful project. I also believe we could use waste heat from the production of methanol for other uses around Windward. It will be exciting to see how these systems become integrated in the future.

      I would like to dito Jacki's comment on just how many things there are to do and learn here and so many resources to help in that process. Sometimes it's hard to decide what to do next!

Jacki adding more cement to the entrance room footing


      Today Jacki and I will be working more on Vermadise, this time putting up a wall along the northern end. According to Walt, for many crops the ground is still too cold, so putting them in pots in vermadise is a goal for the near future. The end walls on vermadise would also be helpful in keeping the ducks and peacocks out of the young and fragile plants.

      As for the other two senior members here at Windward (since we all know Walt), Gena and Todd, they have also been wonderful. Gena is great to talk to and wonderful around the kitchen and Todd is just hilarious and will be fun to work with on the composting project. I think you all will enjoy getting to know them as well.

      I believe Jacki beat me to talking about many of the aspects of Windward, although there are always new exciting things that come into action every day. I am excited about the arrival of other interns soon and I think it will only make this experience here at Windward more enriching and empowering.

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