Notes from Windward: #66

Kerry's First Week

Kerry picking blackberries along the Klickitat


       My good friend (and former roommate), Leslie, used to say, "I'm just waiting for God to hook me up." As we both sat on our computers in a hot and humid Manhattan apartment searching for job opportunities on the internet, this became a quote to live by. I was pretty determined to move to the northwest, but never imagined that an e-mail with the title "PING!" would lead to a transition from city life to the unchartered waters of a life on a farm.

      Well, so far, God has hooked me up and provided me with coffee in the morning, along with friends to share it with. I haven't been here very long, but already I feel like a member of the community.

      In this short period I have shed a bit of my vanity (you won't see mascara on these lashes, unless there's a party at the Party Bus),quickly developed many friendships (Corvallis, Oregon or Bust), and eaten better than my last week in Manhattan (Jillian's homemade carrot cake seems to disappear as fast as she can pull it out from the oven), not to mention the new skills I have developed (peacock feather washing).

Kerry checking out some shots

      At the day's end, there is always work to be admired; a simple bag of blackberries from the river, a fresh coat of paint in the yurt, or a few new posts installed along the fence line.

       We take our time and enjoy each other's company, which makes work seem a little less like work. Plus, we always know there's a homebrew waiting for us in the 'fridge.

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