Notes from Windward: #66

Hiking Adventures

Katie talks about the joy of getting out and about

      Upon my first arrival at Windward, I quickly understood that a pair of hiking boots would be something I really would NEED. So, when I stumbled upon a great price for a pair of hiking boots while I was in Seattle for a weekend, I grabbed them. I gave that cashier lady my 13 bucks, and she let me walk out the store with my new pair of hiking boots.

starting out along the Columbia


      Back at Windward, I've been wearing my now dusty-covered pair of hiking boots everywhere. The sheep even noticed what I was sporting around. Perhaps they disapprove of the material...or were they just interested in the apple that I was holding behind my back? Other than trying to show off my new hiking boots to the sheep, I have also (oddly enough) been hiking with my boots.

      One of my favorite hikes that we often take is towards the Klickitat canyon. That hike reminds me again and again just how truly majestic this landscape is in which I find myself. I feel the canyon quietly roaring during those evenings, as the earth continues to roll, crashing down upon the land-- like waves. No wonder the drive within the canyon, along the Klickitat river always leaves me to wonder.

winding our way up Catherine Creek


      When I had learned that Liz and Jay were also hiking fanatics, I became very excited. So when they arrived at Windward last week, I immediately asked them if they would have liked to hike to Catherine Creek during their visit. They said that would be just splendid.

      So on a glorious blue day, Liz, Jay, Kerry, and I went to Catherine Creek one late afternoon and climbed nothing but up and hiked up some more. When we thought that we had reached the top of the "hill," sure enough there was still more hills ahead of us to hike. Even if we were panting our way up the rocky hills, the spectacular view of the Columbia River was indeed worth it. We could not have chosen a better time for our hike, for within the two hours of hiking, day was beginning to burn into night.

embracing the view of Mt. Hood in the distance


      Looking off at the Columbia River slowly disappearing into the west, I could see in the distance Mount Hood also waving a "hello" for all that would see. Overwhelmed by the vastness of great beauty, what does one do? Burst into song from "The Sound of Music?"

      "The hills are alive with the sound of music...with songs they have sung for a thousand years..."

      But in a great sense-- How does one begin to breath it all in?

I think Maria had it right. You twirl, sing, and dance.
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