Notes from Windward: #66

Going for a Walk in the Moonlight

Katie starts a new Windward tradition

      My mother always tells me of the brilliant nights that she would spend growing up on her home island of Kosrae. With her eyes remembering the laughter, dancing, and singing, she lets me know that those were the "moony nights" on the beach. Those nights of the ivory moon finally revealing its great fullness often invited my mother and her friends to the brilliant sands.

      Would the moon still recognize fondly those same footprints on the sand if left by my mother tonight? I like to wonder such things.

      Her stories of celebrating the night always struck me, for who does that anymore? I often wonder about her tales, finding myself captivated and mystified by a hidden scent of spices within those memories. I often fear that too many of us miss the fragrance of such tales, of those moments lived deliberately.

      Two full moons have greeted me during my time here at Windward. Remembering the tales of my mother celebrating such "moony nights," I honored her by starting a new ambulatory tradition. On the night of both full moons, I asked others to take a moonlight stroll in the woods with me. On such nights, a brilliant blue hue saturates the dark sky. And within the depths of the woods, we witnessed the silent dance that the moonlight dares to embark. Even the areas of darkness within darkness in which I imagine the sun would never dare to touch during the day, the moon boldly finds a way in charming those woods to dance in her moonlight serenade.

      Walt and Todd turn to me and confess that they have not taken such a moonlight hike in their time of living at Windward. And I smile to myself, knowing that we have begun a new tradition.

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