Notes from Windward: #66

What pyrophilia means to me :-)

Jillian talks about the pleasure of a campfire at day's end

      The Klickitat county ban on fires begins July 1st and runs through September of each year. So it's reasonable to assume that the evening of June 30th is a very sociable one for many of klickitat's residents. Our own campfires have been an opportunity for members to share skills and tools for the better(entertain)ment of the night.

Jill using Todd's super marshmellow roaster


      Todd was kind enough to share his dual marshmallow roasting former egg-beater family antique, which made for six times the s'mores of a conventional s'more utensil (a.k.a. stick).

      Walt provided a brazier that he also uses at the many Renaissance fairs where he works. The brazier allowed us a contained area for the fire without having to dig an unsightly pit in the middle of the gardens. Walt also provided the fixings for s'mores, which are vital to every sustainable community. (Did the romans have s'mores? enough said.)

       Virgil provided delicious homemade sangria, albeit from boxed wine with fruit added. It's pretty hard to be stressed or anxious when sitting next to a beautiful fire with friends.

enjoying the hypnotic beauty of a campfire


       Every fire night it was a joy to see people's frustrations melt away as light banter, and the occasional discussion of global issues, brought everyone out of their personal bubbles and back into the community life. It's easy at times to get wrapped up in personal issues, but these moments in the company of others help to realize that the individuality that Americans so highly value doesn't have to mean a life of semi-hermitage.

       The community that Windward espouses to be has the same trials, tribulations, and triumphs as any other group of people trying to create a sustainable social structure. One can only hope that each new person brings with them an idea of what they want out of their community and a flexibility when it comes to the ideas of others..

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