Notes from Windward: #66


The Windward Blog

A general description of what we're up to in late October

October 30 - wrapping up the general blog
        October 27 - hauling hay and closing in Vermadise
        October 25 - installing the hay liner
        October 24 - finishing the retaining wall and backfilling the fish tank
        October 23 - backfilling the fish tank, and furthering the retaining wall
        October 22 - hiding a propane tank and picking wild walnuts
        October 21 - backfilling and stone work

A general description of what we're up to in mid-October

        October 20 - working on equipment and snacking on cookies
        October 19 - a second fair, and grinding acorns
        October 18 - experimenting with acorns in the kitchen
        October 17 - Saffron and off to Seattle
        October 15 - White board and big rocks
        October 14 - backfilling and preserves
        October 13 - "The Bins" and backfilling
        October 11 - planting garlic and insulating

A general description of what we're up to in early October

        October 10 - moving the last of the hay bales
        October 9 - using hoist and tarp to move hay
        October 8 - cleaning the barn, planting more service berries and installing
                                 a door on Vermadise
        October 7 - working on a handfull of projects
        October 6 - storing the first load of hay
        October 5 - between wasted hay and new hay, a full day
        October 4 - cleaning up, and storing away the last of the firewood
        October 3 - moving the sheep and adding the yurt's "eye"
        October 2 - floor trim and door latch
        October 1 - propane delivery and moulding the yurt

A general description of what we're up to in late September

        September 29 - painting trim and mixing growing media
        September 28 - taking down the shade cloth
                                and re-attaching Vermadise's plastic cover
        September 27 - putting up a cattle barrier around the edible landscaping
        September 26 - installing the yurt's door
        September 25 - the two 1,250 gallon concrete tanks arrive
        September 24 - planting and mulching continue
        September 23 - getting started on planting the edible landscape garden
        September 22 - hanging the grow tubes in Vermadise
        September 21 - making grow tubes