Notes from Windward: #68

Google Earth for Windward

A bird's eye view of where we are

[note: reprinted from Volume 65 of Notes From Windward]

     The internet just keeps getting better and better. One of the most remarkable developments - one that literally changes the way you see your world - is Google Earth.

     On a recent visit to Scott's place in Portland, he took me on a cyber tour of this remarkable new offering, and when I returned home to Windward I was delighted to use the new service to create a visual presentation which can help you get a better feel for the remarkable location we've settled in.

     If you don't have Google Earth installed on your machine, I offer my strong recommendation for getting the free download and installing this marvelous tool. Here's the home page for Google Earth

     And if you do have it, then here's the Windward link.

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