Notes from Windward: #65

Talking Sheep

by Kathy O'

Kathy O' chatting with Penny

     This morning I was letting the yearlings (+ Dolly) out to graze. Penny, who was out, baa'd at Zed who was in the main pen. Zed baa'd back.

      Encouraged, I said to Zed, "Would you like to go out and play with Penny?", and Zed stared at me as if he was considering that.

     Further encouraged, I pointed to the main gate and said I'd let him out if he would walk over there. I started toward the gate, and so did Zed!

     As we approached the gate, the ewe and lamb who were blocking it moved away. I opened the gate, and Zed walked through. He went over to Penny and the two began grazing side by side.

     I don't know how we were able to communicate so well, but both Zed and I had a very gratifying and successful experience.

coming out for a morning's graze

     Yes, I will still be cool with the slaughter, but a happy candidate is better than a traumatized one (the meat is tenderer).

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