Notes from Windward: #65

Moving Beyond Rebellion:
An Addendum


     Life at Windward has been for me an experience in bridge building-mixing wisdoms from the past with innovations of the present. In blending traditional country life with modernity, I've discovered the joy of wood stoves and drop spindles as well as hydronically heated floors and solenoid switches.

     My recent decision to enroll in Harvard Extension School's masters program in Environmental Management is no different. What could be more traditional than Harvard? And yet, how modern to experience the big H via the internet-to attend lectures streaming from satellite down to my laptop as I cuddle by the fire.

     And how relevant to our changing world, and to my life here at Windward, that Harvard should offer courses in Environmental Management to its distance learners. I will spend this winter, and it's looking to be a chilly one offering plenty of study time, reading about the basics of environmental science from non-renewable energy to indoor air pollution.

     Next fall, I'll ramp up my studies with two more intro level courses. Then come next spring, I'll be eligible to begin work on my masters, a program that I can tailor to focus on sustainability.

     I'm looking forward to becoming a student again, but becoming a new kind of student. A student with a fuller life, one in which I can more fully enjoy the advantages of living closer to the land here at Windward.

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