Notes from Windward: #65


by Alicia

Savanah stretched out asleep in the afternoon sun

     Savanah died today (June 12, 2005)

     She was a very old dog and loved the out doors. They buried her in the main sheep pen with all her sheep friends.

     Rowdy (our young sheep dog) doesn't know. We try telling him but he's too busy playing with Whiskers (Ron's dog) But in a way I think that Rowdy knows.

     Rowdy still calls for her. But I think he found her. Inside his heart, Savanah still roams the land. I know because I felt her presence. And hear her call in the wind. Windward will never be the same without her.

[Walt: Savanah's passing saddened us all, but it was expected; indeed, we were pleasantly surprised that she made it through the last winter.]
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