Notes from Windward: #65


by Alicia

Getting too big to cuddle on Alicia's lap

     We have Lambs!

     We have a total of twenty. We have about four sets of twins. And only three lambs died. We also have three of Butthead's. Butthead was not suposed to be able to make kids. But we have Buttheads. So three of the ewes weren't suposed to breed this year, but Butthead has three kids.

     We also have a family that is going to take one of the lambs.

     This year we only had 3 bottle babies. Bottle babies are babies that get instant milk froma bottle because the mother has little or no milk at all.

     We also have only one sheep that gave birth to 3 kids. Only 2 survived. The other was too premature.

     And only two sheep who's baby died wihile giving birth. One case was tangled twins and the other was dead before birth. Only one of the twins died in the tangled twin problem. The other one was still alive and still is. Her name is Bunny because she looked more like a bunny than a sheep. My mom, Janice, is now a midwife because she helped Bunny's mom to give birth :-)

     We also have one who is injured and might be put down. He is the first born. His name is Homer.

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