Notes from Windward: #64

Remembering Pretty Ewe

Alicia lets the rams out
for their afternoon graze

     This morning one of our sheep passed on ( on Monday August 2, 2004). Her name was Pretty Ewe.

      Pretty Ewe was only 11 years old. She was a grandma. She had a great spirit, a spirit higher than her body and soul. Her soul wants to live. Pretty Ewe lived a long life for a sheep. Now she will be in a better place, with all her friends. Now she can move on and won`t suffer anymore.

     Now all is quiet and still, and some of the sheep are lying in the pen. I do belive that is their way to deal with the things that are happening. Today was sad for what happened and now and then you can hear a baa once and a while. But for now all is quiet and still and upset. She will be buried, soon.

Note: Alicia is twelve, and this was her first real experience with a death of this sort.

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