Notes from Windward: #63

A Necessary Diversion

the castle's "necessary" room
under construction
     With spring's welcome arrival, it's time to get back to work on the castle, but first we've undertaken a necessary diversion. When folks gather at the castle to fight, or watch others fight, they're going to need access to a biff in order to respond to nature's call. Previously, the closest biff [the local word for a vault toilet, the sort of unit you see at worksites and public events] was more than a hundred yards away from the castle, and when one has to go, that's a very long way to have to go.

     The upshot was that we decided that the castle needed to have its own set of biffs.

     And so, Joe and I grabbed our digging gear and got to work sinking the nine poles that form the basic structure. The "Necessary Room" is actually a miniature pole barn design that we've developed over time. The part I like best about building them is the chance to "kaizen," to incorporate incremental improvements in the design.

     This will be the sixth such structure we've build, and I don't mind saying that we build a first class outhouse :-)

     The economics of operating an occasional campground is such that for us the largest expense would involve the cost of renting the necessary number of portable toilets. The bottom line is that if we had to rent a number of biffs at a cost of $60 to $80 dollar each per weekend, we couldn't afford to operate the campground. As it is, we have the necessary facilities in place full time, and only have to pay to have them serviced when they need servicing.

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