Notes from Windward: #63

A First Day to Remember

     My first day at the Windward Community was both exciting and fun. Joyce and Walt gave me a warm welcome as well as the rest of the gang. They demonstrated a casual acceptance to the new kid on the block, "Me!"

     One of our sheep is called "Buffy" because her face sort of resembles a buffalo. Buffy went into labor that evening, and I was invited to come and watch. So I put on the mud boots I'd been told to bring, and hiked into the pen to witness this little miracle.

     When we arrived, we were pleased to find that the birthing was going smoothly, and in hardly any time at all, I was able to watch a new born life take its very first breath. Wow!

     Terri was clearly in charge, and clearly the sheep knew and trusted her. I got to see that Windward encourages cooperation and effective communication between humans and animals. It's a wonderful balance.

     It was a day I'll never forget. I feel like I've found a home - a place, a family I can support, and be an active member of something bigger and greater than just myself. I thank God and all the members here at Windward for allowing me to join them. It's an honor.

     - Linda (the new kid on the block)