Notes from Windward: #62

What we're working on now.

We were only able to get about three fifths of the dining hall roofed and sealed in before winter overtook us last year, but that allowed us to continue working through the winter on the interior of the mud room and the main kitchen area. This fall, we'll have the entire building sealed up so that we can do the remaining work even after the rains come and our work moves indoors.

And so, a significant part of what we're doing now involves extending the work outlined in the previous article into the rest of the dining hall. It's important to also note that regardless of where we are in the construction process, life goes on and a good portion of every day goes into operating the sustainable processes we already rely on. Knowing that better cooking facilities are coming is great, but it doesn't answer the question of "What's for lunch today?"

A great deal of what we're doing now involves laying more tile, installing more installation , building more shelves, etc., but there's also some nifty, new sustainable stuff going in at the same time such as the control system for the cook stove and the dual wiring for the lighting.

Cook stoves, air quality and unintended consequences

Solar lights on wintry nights

Bob's Battery Box

May not be very sexy, but . . .

What we're going to do

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